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27 May 2020

In search of crowning the greatest Swinton Lions team ever, we delve into the history books to look at some of the greatest players to play for the club.

As part as of a new series to crown Swinton Lions’ greatest ever team, we delve into the history books to take a look at the best players from each era to wear the famous blue shirt. This week we look at the 1970s.

The 1970s

The 1970s were a period of dramatic change for the Lions, and unfortunately not generally for the better! There was some early promise, the Lancashire Cup success of season 1969/70 was still fresh in the memory, and there were some outstanding performances including a couple of cup successes against Wigan and a demolition of the 1971/72 New Zealanders at Station Road.

Two Divisions were introduced in 1974 and the Lions initially failed to make the cut. However, they did win promotion in 1975 with a promise of good days to come.

Sadly the decade closed out with the Lions falling dramatically from grace, not only including relegation from the 1st Division, but sinking to an all-time low finishing position in the 2nd Division. Still, as always, there were many Lions who continued to carry the fight with pride, and here is our team of the 1970s.

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No. 1, Graeme Johns
Appearances:63  Tries:10  Goals: 104


No. 2, Bob Fleay
Appearances:211  Tries:88  Goals:0


No. 3, Kevin O’Loughlin
Appearances:168  Tries:29  Goals:3



No. 4, Graham Evans
Appearances:94  Tries:29  Goals:0


No. 5, Don Preston
Appearances:77  Tries:28  Goals:0


No. 6, Les Atkinson
Appearances:143  Tries:21  Goals:0

No. 7, Peter Kenny
Appearances:164  Tries:54  Goals:39


No. 8, Kevin Whittle
Appearances:180  Tries:18  Goals:0


No. 9, Dick Evans
Appearances:195  Tries:Goals:4


No. 10, Tommy Young
Appearances:132  Tries:Goals:0


No.11, Rod Smith
Appearances:156  Tries:20  Goals:0


No.12, Bill Holliday
Appearances:94  Tries:5  Goals:59


No.13, Les Bolton
Appearances:175  Tries:25  Goals:1


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