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27 April 2020

In search of crowning the greatest Swinton Lions team ever, we delve into the history books to look at some of the greatest players to play for the club.

As part as of a new series to crown Swinton Lions’ greatest ever team, we delve into the history books to take a look at the best players from each era to wear the famous blue shirt. This week we look at the 1990s.

The 1990s

The 1990s was a difficult era for many Swinton fans, with the sale of Station Road still fresh in the memory, and from 1992 to 2002 we played out of Gigg Lane, Bury.
But still there were many fine players that came and proudly wore the Swinton jersey such as Ian Watson and Tony Barrow, and in their own right carved their own piece of Lions’ history.
Here we have selected our best 13 of the Gigg Lane era, with a minimum qualification of 40 appearances for the club.
Do you agree with our selection? Or who else who you place in your own team of the 90s? Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
No. 1, Mark Welsby
Appearances: 195 Tries: 62 Goals: 1
No. 2, Jason Roach
Appearances: 139 Tries: 94 Goals: 3
No. 3, Andy Craig
Appearances: 85 Tries: 43 Goals: 11
No. 4, Gavin Price-Jones
Appearances: 138 Tries: 44 Goals: 37
No. 5, Simon Ashcroft
Appearances: 203 Tries: 120
No. 6, Mark Riley
Appearances: 45 Tries: 30
No. 7, Ian Watson
Appearances: 239 Tries: 39 Goals: 180
No. 8, Tony Humphries
Appearances: 81 Tries: 8
No. 9, Paul Gartland
Appearances: 65 Tries: 23 Goals: 102
No. 10, Tony Barrow
Appearances: 243 Tries: 25
No. 11, Andy Coley
Appearances: 64 Tries: 20  
No. 12, Ian Pickavance
Appearances: 121 Tries: 27
No. 13, Sean Casey
Appearances: 103 Tries: 38 Goals: 14


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