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Season Tickets – 2021 Update

27 January 2021

At a recent meeting of the Swinton Lions Board, detailed discussion was held with regards to the production or non-production of 2021 Season Tickets.

Whilst we appreciate that we have an incredibly loyal group of supporters, many of whom would purchase a Season Ticket regardless of the circumstances, we feel that on balance the right decision is to suspend the sale and issue of Season Tickets until season 2022. The reasoning behind this decision is as follows:-

  • We feel it is unfair to expect loyal supporters to pay out another lump sum to the club, especially so soon after 93% of our existing Season Ticket holders had kindly donated their 2020 purchase.


  • Covid-19 has severely impacted upon all our lives, and we are mindful that a large purchase such as a Season Ticket might currently be problematic for some of our supporters.


  • Due to Covid-19, there is currently the strong possibility that some of our initial home games will be played behind closed doors. We therefore feel it is unfair to charge our supporters for matches for which we currently cannot guarantee entry.


  • Knowing the tremendous loyalty of our fans, we are hopeful that there will be a desire to support the team at every possible home game anyway, regardless as to whether or not a Season Ticket is held. Therefore hopefully any negative financial impact for the club will be minimised when taking into account the full course of the season.


2021 Admission

  • The actual 2020 printed Season Tickets will be distributed to those supporters who donated the cost. These tickets will then double-up as “1866 Club” Memberships Cards during the 2021 season. Membership benefits are likely to be influenced by the Covid-19 situation, so further details will follow in due course.


  • Entry to games will be on a simple match-by-match basis, with an online pre-purchase ticket facility available via the club website.


  • Should your attendance not be possible at a specific match, our online ticketing facility will include an added voluntary option to donate your entrance fee to Pride Builder.


  • Admission prices will be confirmed nearer to the start of the season.


  • Should any matches have to be played Behind Closed Doors, it is likely that they will be streamed live on the Our League app. More details to follow. If you are not yet an Our League member please follow this link, and select Swinton Lions as the club you support during the sign-up process.

Rugby-League.com (rugby-league.com)

Many thanks for your understanding and ongoing support through these difficult times.


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