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23 February 2024

Swinton Supporters’ Trust given headline status for big cup tie

With our Betfred Challenge Cup 4th round local derby against Oldham looming this coming Sunday, this is an opportune time to highlight the invaluable contribution of our Supporters’ Trust.

For the past 22 years the Trust has provided direct and indirect financial input, and all manner of practical volunteer assistance.

In specific reference to the Oldham cup-tie, the Trust even stepped in a short notice to sponsor the match.

If you’re a Swinton Lions fan who currently isn’t a member (at a mere £2 per month by the way), then please consider signing up as soon as possible!

Below is a broad outline of what the Trust stands for, and the fantastic work they do:-

The Trust’s Mission

* To give the supporters a direct say in the policy making mechanism at the club, by offering financial and practical support in exchange for a shareholding and seats on the board.
* To promote links with the Swinton and wider community i.e. through the local authority, the amateur game, schools, and businesses.
* To provide a long-term vision in an effort to galvanise all Swinton supporters past and present.

How we do it:

* The Trust is represented at club board level by Trust Chairman, Stephen Parker.
* Trust Members and Trust Board officials carry out numerous and essential voluntary roles around the club and match days, providing valuable workforce to the Club.
* The Trust produce, publish and sell the official match day programme, and our volunteers sell Golden Gamble tickets at Heywood Road.
* The Trust are responsible for the management of the match-day merchandise shop for Club and Trust and online auction page, and assisting match ticket sales.

Recent activities:

* The purchase of vital medical equipment and supplies for the 2024 season, supporting our medical staff and providing them with the appropriate items to provide first class care.
* The Trust will continue to cover the cost of the Men’s team away coach travel in 2024, as in previous years, alongside provision of analysis software for use by the coaching staff and players.
* A refurbished Trust website, which now includes the Lions Tales Heritage Project, and an extensive statistics archive detailing match results team line ups and scoring records going back to 1877!
* We recently hosted our annual quiz night, hosted by our friends at Folly Lane ARLFC. Attended by teams representing the supporters organisations of several other clubs alongside Swinton fans and also a team from the club Board, it was a great night of friendship and networking.

Look out for new fundraising events which include another of the very successful Cheese and Wine Evenings and Bingo Events.

These activities are made possible via the subscriptions of members alongside proceeds from Trust events and merchandise sales.

For more information and to join please visit http://www.lionstrust.co.uk/


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