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17 August 2022

Members of the Swinton Lions Board of Directors recently met with the administrators of Pride Builder to discuss ways in which the relationship between the two can be developed and enhanced to their mutual benefit.

Launched four years ago, Pride Builder has been a remarkable success story. Its simplicity and independence are its main strengths, with Swinton supporters able to directly assist squad building through regular donations, however large or small. In season 2022 alone, Pride Builder has played a major part in securing the services of Mike Butt, Max Roberts, Matt Wilkinson, Jack Spencer, Dan Abram, Lewis Else and Jayden Hatton. More recently the loan spells of Max Kirkbright and Brad Holroyd were also underwritten by Pride Builder.

Lions’ CEO Steve Wild said, “Pride Builder has undoubtedly been a tremendous success since its inception, and following drastic cuts to our central funding, together with the general uncertainty which currently envelopes the direction of the sport, it’s set to become an even more important partner organisation moving forwards.

“Given Pride Builder’s importance to Swinton Lions, the Board felt it right and proper that a representative should play a more active role within the club, but without damaging or undermining Pride Builder’s independence. We are therefore delighted that Tim Fensome will effectively take up the role of a non-executive board member. This will not just enable communications, but also provide Pride Builder and its members with a greater understanding of the challenges we face as a semi-professional club. In many ways Pride Builder gives us an edge in an increasingly competitive competition, and the greater its success then the greater will be our ability to recruit the right kind of player to Swinton Lions.

“We want Pride Builder members to feel valued, and we want to give them an established and effective line of communication. In addition to establishing Tim’s role, we are already intending to implement some easy hits, such access to the executive bar on match days and access to the captain’s run on Saturday mornings. Then moving forward, we want Pride Builder to have greater visibility both on the ground and around the players themselves.”

On behalf of Pride Builder, Tim Fensome added, “Following a number of fruitful meetings with the Swinton Lions board, negotiating a number of benefits for our members, Pride Builder is delighted to be recognised as a vital financial contributor to the squad assembly process and, as such, would be keen to take a position on the club board, in order to be on the ‘front line’ of the recruitment process within the club. It will also make it easier for Pride Builder to get the best for its members throughout the season, whilst retaining its financial independence from the club. As secretary, I am happy to attend club board meetings on the Pride Builder members’ behalf.”


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