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07 May 2020

The Swinton Lions board issues the following message to supporters in relation to wellbeing.

A message from the Board in relation to Wellbeing 

As this COVID 19 pandemic affects our daily lives on a scale none of us have experienced previously, it is obvious we all must follow the Government’s instructions on keeping safe to protect society.

Equally important and sometimes overlooked is our individual wellbeing because as human beings we all act differently when out of our routine and comfort zones. The current restrictions can create stress, fear, anxiety and isolation. It is important for each of us to understand and accept our feelings and reach out for support in times of need and there are many examples of the nation helping each other to get though unchartered waters and come out the other side we will.

So narrowing this down to the Rugby League community, I go back to the recent World Cup draw made by the Duke of Sussex, who is Patron of the Rugby Football League. The Duke said: ‘Rugby League isn’t just a sport, it’s a community and one that takes care of its own’.

“For many years, it has been at the forefront of promoting and supporting good mental fitness, working hard to build a positive mindset for everyone in the sport.” 

Bringing that closer home to Lions’ family that community feel and support is engrained in the fabric of the club. The players and coaching staff that are used to training and playing together throughout the season are suddenly thrust into isolation, so it is crucial support is established to maintain that team spirit ethos. This is maintained through social media such as WhatsApp groups. 

Head Coach Stuart Littler contacts all the players regularly to check on wellbeing and maintaining that close bond so when the season resumes, from a playing perspective the players are in the right frame of mind.

The RFL as the governing body places player’s welfare at the forefront of the sport and I am proud to be the player’s welfare lead, which requires attendance at conferences/seminars plus accredited training courses. Using my experience of wellbeing from outside the sport, the players have access to many professional bodies and have a channel to raise any subject in confidence.

Wellbeing is important to all Lions’ family and friends and I use a phrase that I emphasise ‘it’s OK not to be OK and reach out for support’.

I wish everyone connected to Lions’ family to be safe, maintain government instructions and treat wellbeing seriously, you are not alone.

Here’s a couple of useful contacts but there are many organisations available to offer support:


Best wishes,

Stuart Fletcher,
Director and Players Welfare Lead


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