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02 November 2020

In search of crowning the greatest Swinton Lions team ever, we delve into the history books to look at some of the greatest players to play for the club. This week we are looking at the 1960’s.

As part as of a new series to crown Swinton Lions’ greatest ever team, we delve into the history books to take a look at the best players from each era to wear the famous blue shirt. This week we look at the 1960s…

The 1960’s

The Swinging Sixties, a glorious period in the history of Swinton RLFC. Under the studious leadership of the great Cliff Evans, the Lions emerged from the shadows of the previous decade to become one of THE dominant forces of British Rugby League in the 1960s.

A decade which brought back-to-back Championship titles, 5 Lancashire Cup final appearances, but not to mention heartache in the Challenge Cup!

Still, as always, there were many Lions who continued to battle for the club with pride. Here we feature 15 of the best, but who would be in your line-up?

No. 1, Ken Gowers 

Appearances:601  Tries:55  Goals:970

No. 2, John Speed

Appearances:224  Tries:79  Goals:0

No. 3, Bob Fleet

Appearances:329  Tries:87  Goals:0

No. 4, Alan Buckley

Appearances:466  Tries:192  Goals:3

No. 5, Johnny Stopford

Appearances:298  Tries:195  Goals:1

No. 6, George Parkinson

Appearances:457  Tries:114  Goals:3

No. 7, Graham Williams

Appearances:179  Tries:62  Goals:9

No. 8, Ron Morgan

Appearances:90  Tries:18  Goals:0

No. 9, Derek Clarke

Appearances:228  Tries:20  Goals:0

No. 10, Barry Simpson

Appearances:189  Tries:7  Goals:0

No. 11, Peter Norburn

Appearances:440  Tries:166  Goals:0

No. 12, Dave Robinson

Appearances:177  Tries:30  Goals:0

No. 13, Albert Blan

Appearances:447  Tries:75  Goals:744

No. 14, Billy Daz Davies

Appearances:204  Tries:69  Goals:0

No. 15, Harold Bate

Appearances:262  Tries:9  Goals:1


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Do you agree with our selection? Or who else who you place in your own team of the 60s? Join the conversation on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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