We are delighted that home fans are once again entitled to attend Swinton Lions matches.  We have changed our operating practices to ensure that we comply with Government and RFL guidance and regulations.  

This guide is intended to advise you of those changes and also provide you with other information that you need to know in advance of attending any match at Heywood Road, Sale, to watch Swinton Lions RLFC home games. 

As you will appreciate the situation in relation to Covid-19 is constantly evolving we will seek to keep you updated as to any changes to our operating practices via the Club website and social media. 

Whilst this guide relates to matches at Heywood Road, the restriction on only home fans attending matches is a Government requirement across all grounds.  Fans of Swinton Lions are therefore currently not entitled to attend our away matches.  Whilst we understand how keen you will be to do so, it is imperative that you comply with this prohibition to demonstrate how responsible our fans are and therefore support the return to being able to attend all matches in the near future.



Only spectators with valid match tickets bought or reserved in advance of the match, may attend matches.

Spectators will be able to purchase match tickets from 2021 Match Ticket Purchase & Ground Admission – IMPORTANT — Swinton Lions (swintonlionsrlfc.co.uk) up until 9pm on the day prior to the match, in order that the ground can be prepared accordingly.

Spectators will only be able to purchase match tickets as individuals, unless a group booking is made by persons from the same household or the same social bubble. If making a group booking, for Track and Trace purposes, you will receive a follow-up email asking you to list each person in your party. For Government guidance please see here:

https://www.gov.uk/guidance/covid-19-coronavirus-restrictions-what-you-can-and- cannot-do#meeting-friends-and-family-outdoors-rule-of-6

Separate groups need to be identified in order to assist and ensure appropriate Social Distancing at the ground.

Prior to purchasing tickets, you will be asked to:

  • ensure that you considered the associated risks of attending a match and your own vulnerability status via the following links:



  • provide accurate contact information for everyone attending in your group to assist with NHS test and trace requirements, (you will be prompted) 
  • ‘opt in’ to confirm that you understand all of the above statements and will abide by all requirements
  • confirm you will abide by all other requirements the Club may set out in advance of the match including, but not limited to, temperature checking and the use of face coverings.
  • confirm that you and each person in your group are fans of Swinton Lions.

Seats will be allocated with a distance of one seat between separate bookings to seek to ensure compliance with Social Distancing Guidelines. For Standing areas, spectators will still be required to ensure Social Distancing, which will be managed by the Club by our internal security and stewarding team.

When purchasing a match ticket, spectators will be asked how they are travelling to the match to assist the Club’s planning with local transport providers about the likely impact on services.

When purchasing a match ticket this can only be for home fans and home games. Away fans are not permitted to travel and attend a game.

Upon purchasing a match ticket, the Club will send electronic confirmation by email that you will abide by the Spectator Code of Behaviour, and have confirmed you are aware of the associated risks of attending a match.

Spectators with disabilities when purchasing match tickets should contact the Club via steve.wild@swintonlionsrlfc.co.uk to discuss what adjustments may be required by the Club, including in light of Covid-19 regulation.


The upstairs bar will be open and will be serving a limited drinks menu. However, attendees must be seated at PRE-BOOKED tables only (availability pending).

Please observe the one-way system in place if you have accredited access to the upstairs bar.

All financial transactions will be contactless.

The following toilet facilities will be open:- Upstairs Bar (for relevant ticket holders) and those inside the entrance to the main block at the foot of the stairs. 

Spectators may bring snacks and soft drinks onto the ground, but strictly not for sharing and NO ALCOHOL. Bag searches may be implemented.   

Hand sanitisation stations will be positioned at the main gate, at the entrance to the main block, and strategically throughout the stadium.

Face coverings will be mandated at all times whilst within the ground both indoors and outdoors (unless medically exempted): the latter is due to the higher risk of transmission associated with singing and shouting.

A First Aider will be available at all times.


Swinton Lions RLFC encourages all spectators to avoid crowded areas, specifically those that are indoors to reduce the risk of infection, and encourages all spectators to come directly from home to the ground.  

Swinton Lions RLFC advises all spectators to avoid public transport where possible. Where unavoidable, spectators should ensure they are compliant with government guidance such as face coverings.

Where spectators do have to use public transport, the most convenient mode is the Manchester Metrolink system. The Brooklands station is situated 5 minutes’ walk from the stadium.

Where spectators travel by car please utilise M60 Junctions 6 or 7. The ground is situated at M33 3WB, just off Marsland Road (A6144). There is no onsite parking unless by agreed prior arrangement. Instead the surrounding streets should be utilised.


Spectators will receive a message on the day of the match to remind them of the risks associated with attending and to consider any symptoms they may have before travelling.

In accordance with the Spectator Code of Conduct, spectators should not attend the match if they (or any member of their household) are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

• a high temperature (37.8 of higher); or

• a new onset of a continuous cough; or

• loss of or change in normal sense of taste or smell  

In addition, and again outlined within the Spectators Code of Conduct, spectators should not attend if they have been requested to isolate by NHS Track and Trace.


Entrance and exit times will be controlled so that everyone can enter and exit in a controlled and safe manner.

Spectators should arrive and exit at the specified time stated by the Club.

The Club is utilising the main Heywood Road gate as the entrance and exit point.

The Whitehall Road entrance at M33 3WJ may only be utilised in respect of emergency access.

Spectators may be subject to temperature checking. If a spectator’s temperature is over 37.8, they may be refused access to the ground.

Spectators are asked to limit the number of bags they bring to the ground to avoid the build-up of queues in this area. All Spectators are reminded that alcohol is not allowed to be brought into the stadium. 

Please note that there must be no waiting outside the stadium. We will endeavour to ensure that queues do not develop, but in the event that they do please ensure Social Distancing is maintained.


Main Stand spectators should remain within their seats at all times unless accessing the facilities.

Spectators are required to follow all Social Distancing protocol in accordance with prevailing government guidelines, together with the instructions of all stewards.

To assist spectators, signage has been installed throughout the stadium, spectators should follow this signage when moving around the ground including when accessing any facilities.

Spectators are responsible for ensuring supervision of children in their care.

The Club will notify all spectators via the PA system about the importance of Social Distancing and other appropriate measures in place at the stadium.

The Club will remind all spectators via the PA system about the exiting procedures which have been circulated to all spectators prior to the match.

Spectators are reminded to frequently use the hand sanitisers provided.

Spectators are reminded that many people attending matches will be understandably nervous about attending events with people outside of their social households and bubbles. It is therefore important, in line with the RFL Respect and Enjoy the Game campaigns to be understanding of others by complying with all Codes of Conducts and guidance issued. 

Spectators wishing to report concerns about spectator behaviour should contact the event manager Steve Wild on 07932 500731, or the ground safety officer John Holden on 07873 138066.


Spectators who become ill whilst at the ground must, where possible, contact 07932 500731 in order that the situation can be managed accordingly.

Spectators who are displaying suspected Covid-19 symptoms will be taking to an isolation room contained within the ground. 


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