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TACKLE IT : 13 Second Pause

25 January 2022

Rugby League is an inclusive sport. There will now be a 13-seconds pause before kick-off for everybody present to show support for anti-discrimination in Rugby League. We also encourage spectators to demonstrate their support for anti-discrimination by applauding players during the 13 seconds.

Increasing inclusion and diversity whilst tackling all forms of discrimination, including racism, is key to the growth and success of Rugby League. The TACKLE IT action plan is sport-wide and sets out specific measures which the sport is taking together to deliver real change.

We are playing our part in delivering the TACKLE IT commitments to make a positive, lasting difference. Rugby League stands in solidarity with players, coaches, match officials, fans, volunteers, staff, and supporters in the struggle against racism and discrimination in sport and in society.

In 2022 we are committed to making TACKLE IT not only a critical action plan for the game, but a more visible anti-discrimination campaign as well.



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