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13 February 2019

Swinton Lions Trust and Pride Builder have joint together for an evening full of races to raise money at Royal British Legion Club on Friday February 22.

Swinton Lions Trust and Pride Builder have organised a ‘Race Night’ event, held at the Royal British Legion, Boothstown, on Friday 22nd February.

The night promises fun and excitement for all ages, with the proceeds split between the Trust and the Pride Builder.

On behalf to the Trust, Stephen Parker said: “This will be the first of what we hope to be many more joint fundraising events that the Trust and Pride Builder are planning in 2019 and beyond.  This is going to be a fantastic night of family fun for anyone who wants to have a good laugh whilst at he same time raising money for both organisations!”


On the event, Pride Builder representatives Tim, Rhys and Dave said: “The new fans’ led squad building fund is already helping the Lions to roar again. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Supports Trust for their support in helping us get established and we are delighted to join forces with them for this fun event. We’d also like to thank Pride Builder and Trust member Denise Griffiths for organising this Race Night on our collective behalf. It promises to be a great success.”

Tickets can be bought at £5 for adults, or £2 for under 16s.

“This race night is my attempt to do a little bit extra to help Pride Builder and the Trust,” Race Night organiser, Denise Griffiths said.
“I’ve been asked ‘Why Boothstown?'”
“Firstly, Boothstown Royal British Legion is a brilliant venue and have kindly given us the room for free. Thank you Ken and Janine for this and for displaying our match day posters last season.
“Secondly, we need to increase our fan base. There has been an explosion of new housing development in Boothstown, Ellenbrook and the surrounding areas in the past 25 years. Some incomers are current lions fans who, like me, moved here from M27 so this is an opportunity for them to have a good Lions night out at a convenient location.
“Also, by raising the profile of the club in M28 we hope to entice more lapsed supporters back and encourage locals who don’t currently identify with any other team, to consider Swinton Lions as their ‘home town’ club.
“To all our race, horse and jacket sponsors and to everyone who has bought tickets so far, thank you for your support. I hope you all have a great night.”


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