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03 February 2021

This week is Anti-Hate Crime Week and Swinton Lions are working with several partners to ensure that this initiative will not only be supported this week but throughout the future.

Hate crime has been on the rise steadily over the past few years and affects everyone in the wider community.

The club felt it was important to support this initiative as we recognise our supporter base is diverse and the communities we serve are equally as diverse.

Our consultations with a range of stakeholders and partners have identified the family feel that is evident at our club and recognition of this worthwhile campaign extends our holistic view to our supporters and the wider communities of Greater Manchester.

Moving forward the club foundation will be rolling out several initiatives throughout the year that will bring people of all sections of our community closer together, which we feel will be an important step as we recognise the challenges and assist in supporting recovery for all groups in post Covid-19 Greater Manchester.

If you would like to donate time or any type of support to our foundation to assist in the delivery of this work, please contact our Director of Development Damian Ridpath @ [email protected]

Watch our launch video here.



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