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29 March 2020

The club can confirm that the Lions Goldline Lottery has been suspended due to current circumstances.

Please note that owing to current circumstances,  the Swinton Lions Goldline Lottery has been suspended until further notice.

Although many of our members pay by Standing Order, a significant number also still pay on the doorstep which clearly is currently impossible

Members who currently pay by Standing Order have three options:-

  1. Cancel your Standing Order immediately and then re-instate it once the Lottery is up and running again (credit will be given for any accidental overpayments).
  2. Continue to pay, and during the period of lottery suspension your payments will be treated as a donation, and will be specifically allocated towards assisting the launch of our SWINTON LIONESSES TEAM.
  3. Continue to pay, and have the option of a full refund once the exact amount of overpayment can be calculated. 

Alternatively, if anyone would like to PRE-JOIN the club’s Goldline Lottery (and have your first payments temporarily treated in line with Option 2 as above), then please set up a monthly payment with your bank, in optional amounts of either £4.33 (one entry), £8.66 (two entries), £13 (three entries) or £21.65 (five entries), payable to SWINTON LIONS LOTTERY ACCOUNT, number 13809750 sort code 16-33-14.

Note that any doorstep payer who has built up a “credit”, will have it carried over to the next active draws.

A reminder that a list of main Lottery prize winners can be found on our website at https://swintonlionsrlfc.co.uk/the-lottery/winners/

All enquiries to [email protected]


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