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28 August 2019

The Club’s board wishes to make the following statement following an article published by The Sun newspaper this morning.

Supporters will be aware of the article in The Sun newspaper this morning, and therefore it’s important that the headline is put into perspective.

Over recent weeks the Board has made it clear, particularly given the financial constraints that are severely impacting on many clubs, uncertainties surrounding the next broadcast deal, as well as the general direction of the sport, that significant changes would need to be made to safeguard the existence and future of the Club.

Last week, before a group of key stakeholders which included the Supporters’ Trust Board, Pride Builder management, Shareholders, Vice Presidents, existing club sponsors, match day volunteers and a selection of life-long supporters, the Board outlined its vision for the future, within a detailed and reasoned explanation of the forces that have driven us to this conclusion.

The response to that consultation was largely positive and understanding. Important feedback was received and that feedback is currently being adapted into a final presentation that will be put in front of the wider fan base within the next few days.

However, it is important to stress that Swinton Lions RLFC Ltd will continue, and to that end we have fought off several attempts at merger which would have signalled the end of the club as an historic entity. ‘Swinton’ will remain prominently on the badge, and we will continue to play at Heywood Road. However, we must also seek to exploit the advantages that a trading name, instantly recognisable across the world, will give us. We see our history and heritage as non-negotiable, but we are at a crossroads in the sport and the Club has to evolve to survive and thrive into the future.


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